Play, Twist, Stack

A brand new innovative educational children's toy for ages between 5 and 10. 'Play, Twist, Stack' not only allows the child to have fun and develop their fine motor skills, it also teaches them the basic everyday household items that need to be recycled. 

This project was designed for an RSA brief in 2017 which focused on the topic of circle economy and how this method could be implemented into a children's toy.


'Play, Twist, Stack' is a toy that has 9 colourful cogs, a playing board and 9 wooden pegs. On each cog there is a word to represent the household item picture on the board. The aim is to match the word to the item e.g, cardboard (word) - cereal box (picture). Once all the cogs are placed and are in the correct position, the child can have fun and start spinning one cog to activate the others. can also say the physicality of spinning the cogs, it symbolises  'circle' economy...

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