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Butcher 26TH

Over an 8 year period since 2008, nearly 2000 butcher shops were forced to close in the UK due to the proliferation of supermarkets. Now the UK only has 4,818 butcher shops remaining. The skill and knowledge is being forgotten, the craft and passion is being overlooked and the industry is dying out!

The state of the art butchers block was designed and manufactured in aim to save the dying industry and celebrate their legacy. 

BUTCHER 26TH is the brand new bespoke butchers block which brings the ultimate butcher experience into your home. The block introduces you to be part of the old traditional cooking methods of cold smoking good quality meat with a provided smoking chamber. You can enjoy the process of curing meat and learn the butchery craft and skill from the butcher 26th handbook.


Craft & Go

Rather than carrying your favourite 6 pack beer in cardboard or plastic, why not use 'Craft & Go' - an open and visible 6 pack holder which carries your unique taste in craft beer.

'Craft & Go' was a group project designed and manufactured in the beautiful country of Norway during my 5 months of studying abroad. 

Feel professional and stylish walking around town whilst carrying your special pallet of craft beer. Enjoy the unique taste in the sunshine with your friends whilst on the go.


Fast Blast

Starpack compitition (2016) brief to innovate and re-design a detergent bottle for the home.


Focusing to design a bottle for users who find it difficult to function intricate features that already exist on detergent bottles. I designed a bottle that is shaped to fit comfortably within your hand. The thickness of the wall lining is specifically different so that when pressed it is easier to release the liquid.


'Fast Blast' is deliberately designed to be functioned by the palm of your hand to prevent any injuries or discomfort towards the users fingers.


Whisper Bank


UX/UI self taught design project to research and develop ideas for a new innovative mobile banking app for the future. Targeted towards the new generation with an effective, efficient and elegant mobile app that is with you everyday.

Whisper bank is designed to attract the user and create an easy, understandable and usable experience for them whenever they use the app. The simple colours and fonts avoid confusion and similar signals and functions (from existing apps) are included for the ease of use.

The app not only safely stores and indicates the users accounts, balance and monthly statements. It also provides an automatic budget system which is easily accessible and informs the user their spending history and breaks down their daily/weekly/monthly budgets.

The new intelligent banking app allows the user to have an enjoyable experience that keeps them relaxed and avoids stress and if the user has lost or misplaced their card, they can simply pause their account until it is resolved.

A safe, innovative and an enjoyable app for the future.

Whisper Bank Wireframe Caitlin McG-page-

Coffee Bar

The 'Coffee Bar' was designed within a group project for the Edinburgh coffee company called 'The Counter'. The owner of the company had a vision to expand his business and open a coffee counter that can be easily transported, assembled and accessible for events on the go. He requested a counter that brings the barista and the customer together and encourage communication between them. The new counter had to provide an automatic flow of service to prevent any traffic or congestion within any location.

'Coffee Bar' has two different height levels as it instantly attracts the customer to come forward and physically be part of the coffee experience but it also allows the barista to have a conversation with them. The lower level is initially the starting point of the customer flow. The higher level is the payment stall which prevents anyone to properly see the customers details but indicates the end of the service.


Play, Twist, Stack

A brand new innovative educational children's toy for ages between 5 and 10. 'Play, Twist, Stack' not only allows the child to have fun and develop their fine motor skills, it also teaches them the basic everyday household items that need to be recycled. 

This project was designed for an RSA brief in 2017 which focused on the topic of circle economy and how this method could be implemented into a children's toy.


'Play, Twist, Stack' is a toy that has 9 colourful cogs, a playing board and 9 wooden pegs. On each cog there is a word to represent the household item picture on the board. The aim is to match the word to the item e.g, cardboard (word) - cereal box (picture). Once all the cogs are placed and are in the correct position, the child can have fun and start spinning one cog to activate the others. can also say the physicality of spinning the cogs, it symbolises  'circle' economy...

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