Whisper Bank

UX/UI self taught design project to research and develop ideas for a new innovative mobile banking app for the future. Targeted towards the new generation with an effective, efficient and elegant mobile app that is with you everyday.

Whisper bank is designed to attract the user and create an easy, understandable and usable experience for them whenever they use the app. The simple colours and fonts avoid confusion and similar signals and functions (from existing apps) are included for the ease of use.

The app not only safely stores and indicates the users accounts, balance and monthly statements. It also provides an automatic budget system which is easily accessible and informs the user their spending history and breaks down their daily/weekly/monthly budgets.

The new intelligent banking app allows the user to have an enjoyable experience that keeps them relaxed and avoids stress and if the user has lost or misplaced their card, they can simply pause their account until it is resolved.

A safe, innovative and an enjoyable app for the future.

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